Sunday, 19 December 2010

Corridor Scene Test Render...

After spending a long time cleaning up the geometry in this scene ready for smoothing, i decided to do a test render of the scene including the animated lights flickering. Jolanta suggested adding the camera shake in Premier Pro, so at the moment i've used a static camera. I think this scene needs some work still, but i think it's at a similar stage to the searchlight and production line scenes, where it just needs that element of refinement to take it away from a CG-looking environment.


  1. the atmosphere and the looks is definetly there,
    I believe no work needs to be done, so congrats with this achievement! :)

    about the lighting. This is very interesting suggestion: lights work corespondingly to each other as if the alien has ..powers and where he walks all the parameters corespond.

    or , we can make the lights flicker randomly, suggesting he is that much heavy , when he walks, electricity supply is uneven.

    so which one uou feel to go for?
    I like both. this one even adds to it by suggesting alien to be more than just a massive monster.

  2. ok, i like where you're going with that... i think i'll do a few more test renders of the lights flickering and make the decision based upon the success of those :)

  3. Yeah, I feel like the lights are 'flowing'. It needs to be more random but its definatly getting there :)