Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Tank Scenes Playblast

Here are the playblasts for the 'Tank Aims Up' and 'Tanks Move' scenes along with a draft render. The scene itself is missing the back plane and the addition lighting to make it chaotic, this is just to see the tanks.

Tanks Aim Up:

Tanks Move:

I've kept the timeing to what Ethan posted and pre-production work.

Monday, 27 December 2010

The Making Of...

Right guys, now's the time to start thinking about the making of as we are coming to the rendering stage of many of our scenes. Obviously we need to include Pre-Production, Prodcution and Post-Production, But i think we should discuss what we want to include under these sections and in what order things should be. Also, an idea of a layout/design for the pages would be muchly appreciated.

Here's a few ideas for sections we could include:

- Contents
- A section about Void Canvas with a group photo.
- Film Synopsis

- Research

- Storyboards
- Concept Art
- Marketing Campaign
- Pitch


- Breakdown of each scene with comments from the members involved. Including wireframes and models.


- ???

Marching Army Men Test Render No. 14...

After spending all day correcting the animation of the marching, 14 test renders later, and i think i'm finally getting there. The pacing probably differs because of my computer running slowly, but i think the bobbing action that bob and phil commented on has been corrected and looks a lot better, and the pacing runs fairly well on my computer, but again it might not match the pacing on most other computers.

Three Film Stills...

- Factory Exterior Shot.
- Foot Towards City.
- Creator Confronts Creation.

I've been thinking about our three stills that we should submit from the trailer. Above are the three shots i think we should use, what do you guys think?

Friday, 24 December 2010

Second Marching Army Men Test Render...

Here's another test render of the army men marching, i've added a bounce in the walk as this is more realistic and logical. Again, my laptop is a bit slow at the moment, so i'm not too sure what the pacing is like of how the bounce looks, but i think i just need to refine the animation and this scene will be complete...

Toyland Sign/Work Update

Hey guys, so I've almost finished texturing this piece of work, as you all know it was already modelled, this is a pre textured version, accept the lighting, because im still in the midst of that part but I thought i'd upload it for the Progress Sheet

In terms of animating, and thoughts? or still the clean swoosh to the right?

Also, in regards to the other parts, I have modelled the everything, it just needs a slight bit of refining :) I'm just sorry I havent been able to contribute as much as before, not having maya, but i've managed to use jacks computer whilst he's at work for these parts, so that's good!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Marching Army Men Test Renders...

Here's a couple of test renders for the marching army men scenes. I'm not too sure what the pacing is like because my computer's running a bit slow at the moment, but i'm fairly happy with this scene so far.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Progression Sheet Update 22-12-2010...

Here's the update of the progression sheet including the progression of Jolanta's scenes. Looking at this already, i can tell that despite having four different modellers, we have managed to keep the style in each and every scene so that they will fit together and match in our trailer. This is looking really impressive and hopefully our renders and editing will continue our successes so far.
Just to clarify:
- Who's doing the Toyland logo shot?
- Jolanta's in charge of the toymaker discarding box shot, right?
- Who's in charge of the box over shoulder shot?
- Bob's in charge of the newspaper shot, General's Chest shot and Blueprint shot, right?
- I'm in charge of the Foot towards city shot, alien walking shot, and tail shot, right?
- Jolanta and I are both in charge of the Creator Confronts Creation Shot, right?
These are the remaining shots on the list, so i justed wanted to confirm who's in charge of what so there is no confusion...

Scene Shot Lengths Breakdown...

Here's the lengths of each scene/shot based on the animatic. I think some of them are open to discussion and obviously he have a few new shots to add, but i think now is a good time to discuss them and communicate our ideas as we begin to test render and render our shots.

Shot 1: Toyland Logo = 3-4 seconds...
Shot 2: Factory Establishing Shot = 7 seconds...
Shot 3: Production Line Alarm = 8 seconds...
Shot 4: Toymaker Grabs Box = 2 seconds...
Shot 5: Toymaker Discards Box = 2 seconds...
Shot 6: Box in Dumpster = 20 seconds...
Shot 7: Meteorite Shot = 2-3 seconds...
Shot 8: Dumpster Covered in Heavy Light = 2 seconds...
Shot 9: Box Over Shoulder Shot = 2 seconds...
Shot 10: Meteorite Hits Dumpster = 5 seconds...
Shot 11: Glowing Box = 5-6 seconds...
Shot 12: Alien Foot Towards City = 2 seconds...
Shot 13: Newspaper Shot = 2-3 seconds...
Shot 14: Corridor Shot = 3 seconds...
Shot 15: Alien Walking = 2 seconds...
Shot 16: Massive Footprint = 2 seconds...
Shot 17: General's Chest = 3 seconds...
Shot 18: Army Men Marching = 2 seconds...
Shot 19: Searchlight Shot = 1-2 seconds...
Shot 20: Tanks Shot = 3 seconds...
Shot 21: Tanks Aim Up = 2 seconds...
Shot 22: Rushing Car = 2 seconds...
Shot 23: Blueprint Shot = 2 seconds...
Shot 24: Creator Confronts Creation = 3 seconds...
Shot 25: Tail Shot = 9 seconds (based on puddle shot)...

Total: 1 Minute 41 Seconds (excluding Titles, Ident and Fades To Black)...

Possible Additonal Scenes:

- Beam View of the Production Line.
- Closeup of Production Line Alarm.

Abandoned Toy ans Scale of Monstrocity Playblast Scenes

First goes the ABnadoned toy scene. Pretty much everything  we've planned is there.

We have Scale of Monstrocity Shot for only couple of frames, but  to add some elements in it I've animated a cable being "electrified" ( it will be glowing) and cut to fall by  a supposed monster lurking in the desolate city.

Test Renders show how it looks:

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Progression Sheet Update 21-12-2010...

Here's the updated version of the progression sheet including the images and percentages that Earl has sent me. If you could send me the images you've used in the progression sheet you posted Jolanta, that would be brilliant and i'll be in charge of updating it so we have everything in one sheet. Here's my email: this.is.why.im@hotmail.com ... Keep up the good work guys. I'm also going to post a breakdown of how long each shot should be as i think this will

be helpful for test and final renders of our scenes.

Readjusted Waist Disposal Scene

As I promised, I took and filled/ retextured waist disposal scene as it  is going to be in close up for.. one third of the whole trailer.

First I got rid off what the scene won't need when rendering, so this is what is left:

(A huuuuge note to Earl and infact to all of us: I did know your ( as well as ours)  scenes are expensive... But in many ways they are unneceserilly too elaborate. You can definetly afford to get rid of lots of geometry (all the everyting (!) we don't see , that is in the factory, inside waist disposal, beneath the ground plane, ect.)

Reduce geometry in  other proprs aswell ( ground plane can work perfectly with one fift of the faces, its not sculpted or anything.

think of what kind opf lights to use. Ambient for eah one of the windows is much less usefull as one spot light with high intenisty.

My computer.. didn't render the set at all. I then ... spent...  some time changed, reduced or did what ever to make the scene simplier and.. there you go , it renders again!

It's ok if we are waiting for single image to post on blog, but.. if we need 3000 frames.. it will take ages and computers will crah :/

I suggest revisiting your scenes and making necesary adjustments on seperate scene file, because all of us know now, what shots we have therefore what we do or don't need.

Anyways, here is the set readjusted:

Only main box is missing... :)

Scene Production Progress

This is what I consider to be almost there so far. I do have essential elements prepared for the rest of scene, though Its not adjusted to meet particular scenes needs, so I didn't put them here. 
But.. there's still some time till Christmas, and... the fact that no one here in Lithuania has holidays yet really helps to stay productive, so heads up regarding the project ( for now :D  )

Texturing Toymaker. Problems :/

I'm not sure... why or what.. but apparently there are problems with texturing..
for example face skin texture no matter if without alpha chanel stays trasnparent. even if I recreate the texture using blin/lambert.. :/

Also Jacket seems to cause some starngeness..  I tried smoothing few times, checked face normals, recreated shader.. but the problem ( blackish squares all round it) stays.. weird.

Also.. I used lambert as shader.. but it seems ( particularly in the close up of tie) that it has some glossy reflectivity.. Im confused :/

Textures have simple colour and slight bump added.. I'm not too concernded to finish  texturing the toymaker completely, since we can do that after holidays. It won't stop any other processes...

Monday, 20 December 2010

FAO: Void Canvas Members...

I tried to email the psd file of the progression template to you guys, but no such luck. If you could send me a rendered image of each of the scenes you've worked on thus far, with a title that correlates to template i posted on the blog. Also, if you could let me know roughly what percentage of completion each scene you've modelled is at so that i can put everything you've sent into the progression sheet with my own update. please send all the information and images to: this.is.why.im@hotmail.com and i'll post the updated version up asap.

Character's Blend Shapes

Today I've finished resclulpting base head for blendshapes. Since we don't have many scenes where we'd see his face to camera, we have only few frowning, amazement and confussion expressions.
I think what I have is  more than enough.. :)

Progression Sheet...

Here's the progression sheet including the progression of the scenes i've been working. I will send you each a copy of the template for you to update your own progress this far, and if you send me each of your own sheets back, i can integrate them all into one sheet. I think this should be a weekly update, if not, half a week to keep and maintain our progression of scenes.

Making Of... Animator's Thoughts...

So i've been starting to think about the making of, as we don't want this to be a last minute thought that lacks the refinement and success of our trailer. So i was thinking that we could have a section that breaks down each scene that we've animated and modelled. So what i'm suggesting is that we each make a well thought of statement for each scene that can accompany any images and information. Also, if you have any other thoughts, ideas, suggestions or even just a rough idea of sections to include, either post them as a comment or as a whole post breaking down your ideas.

Scene Progression...

So i've scene how Simon over at Lucid Studios has been keeping an update on the progress of his scenes and i think it's a brilliant idea. So i've decided to bring this idea to Void Canvas in a bid that we will easily be able to communicate and maintain an update of our scenes based on a percentage and an image of the scene. If you have any other things you would like to incorporate into this, let me know... I'll be doing a template now though, and i'll update it with the progress of my scenes, post it on the blog and then you guys can update it with the progression of your scenes.

Lucid Studios Example:

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Corridor Scene Test Render...

After spending a long time cleaning up the geometry in this scene ready for smoothing, i decided to do a test render of the scene including the animated lights flickering. Jolanta suggested adding the camera shake in Premier Pro, so at the moment i've used a static camera. I think this scene needs some work still, but i think it's at a similar stage to the searchlight and production line scenes, where it just needs that element of refinement to take it away from a CG-looking environment.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Searchlight Fog Test Renders...

I've done a few test renders of animating the fractal to look like fog passing through the light beam, here's the two best versions so far... I think it still needs a little bit of work here and there, but i'd say this scene's almost there...

Friday, 17 December 2010

Alien Simplified Geometry...

So here's where I am on the alien leg at the moment. Alan advised me to simplify and reduce the geometry before moving any further, so that's what i did, removing lines from overcrowded areas on the front and back of the leg as well as taking out two lines running down the side of the mesh. I then added some inbetween geometry to the tail, giving it more detail and tom was a great help in removing a couple of triangles and 5-sided shapes from the geometry. Overall, i'm fairly pleased with how this is going, i just hope that after all the hard work i have a fully working rigged and textured leg that compliments the amount of effort that's gone into this model. Fingers crossed...

New Searchlight Test Renders...

Here's some more renders of the searchlight with a little less green, although i'm sure it needs to be even less green... I also want to do some test renders for animating the fractal so that it looks like the light is passing through fog...

Searchlight Test Render...

Don't blink or you might miss them... Here's the test renders for the searchlight shot, it still needs some work, but it's almost there...

Searchlight with Beam...

Thanks to the help of Tom, i was able to add a beam of light coming from the searchlight today. I'm currently working on filling the scene with some of Jolanta's city models and then i'll do a test batch render to see what the animation of the searchlight will look like, although, teh shot is only about a second long so it shouldn't take too long to render.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

New Beam View Production Line Shot...

Here's the actual version of the beam view shot that i wanted to upload, but it wouldn't let me do it before so i had to reduce the memory size, thus giving the less satisfying previous version. But i found out i just needed to convert the video to wmv and it will upload, just as it has done. I'm happier with the pacing and smooth motion of the pan, but the boxes move too quickly and that's something that i'm trying to work on. Other than that, i'm currently reducing the geometry of the alien, which is going quite well.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Production Line Playblast Beam View Shot...

Here's a playblast for the shot of the production line from the beam view. This will match the pan of the exterior factory shot, making a smooth and fluid transition into the interior. At the moment the boxes stop at the end of the conveyor belt, this is something i still need to look into as i want them to fall into the container. But i'm really happy with the motion path of the boxes along the conveyor belt, i just need to make them less generic. The all we need to do is match the motion of the pan with the exterior shot, animate the toymaker in the scene, and finalise any textures and lighting.

Rushing Millitary Cars Animation reference

This is mainly focused to Earl, because he'll be doing that scene. Film we   saw today  The Mist,  might be very usefull for referencing camera work.  Honestly.. if you payed attention to camera work at any time, it was genius, to my mind.

But to put in in practise, on 7:00 you see the camera work when rushing military cars pass.
My suggestion is take a clear note on timing, camera position, secondary elements ( possible camera shakes, aditional elelements which add up to scenes interests ect.) 

Tuesday 14th December Meeting Agreements...

Here's a breakdown of who's working on which scenes over christmas:


- Factory Exterior Shot.
- Meteor Shots.
- Dumpster Rolling Shot.
- Glowing In Dumpster Shot.
- Tank Shots.
- Rushing Car Shot.


- Alien Body.
- Production Line Interior Shots.
- Alien Foot Towards City Shot.
- Corridor Shot.
- Alien Walking Shot.
- Army Marching Shot.
- Searchlight Shot.
- Final Tail Shot.


- General's Chest Shot.
- Newspaper Shot.
- Plan/Blueprint Shot.


- Scientist.
- Production Line Interior (Scientist Animation).
- Meteor Explosion Shot.
- Scale of Monstrousity Shot.

Ethan and Jolanta:

- Confrontation Shot.

Communication will be key over the christmas holiday and we want these scenes rendered or ready for rendering by the time we get back for christmas... This will allow us to pop them into Premier and give us sufficient time to edit the sequence to a more refined final product ready for screening...

Monday, 13 December 2010

Earl - Texture

Hey Earl, I wacked up that texure for the front, went for a style a little before the 50's to show the company's been around longer :)

Production Line Scene Further Development...

Water + Smoke adjustments

I reworked the effects based on comments and here they are.

I changed the water colour and made it not stand out so much.
I also lowered the cost line and put the water up it to look like water splashing up the bank.


I made the Smoke Green and added a light at the base. I may lower the intensity of the light when I get to animating...


This is the water splashing up against the bank:

And this is the explosion and fire I mentioned yesterday rendered:

Alien Leg, Pelvis and Tail Thus far...

Here's the model for the alien so far. We're only modelling the legs, pelvis and tail as this is all that we need for our animation. So far the geometry is working fairly well, although i need to go over a few things with alan tomorrow before i move onto rigging and skinning the model. However, i'm fairly happy with the model, especially now that JJ has helped to simplify the geometry more, ready for rigging and skinning. I can't wait to see the model come to life now...

Brightened Tank and Jeep

I'm getting used to re uploading brighter pics for differnent monitors :/

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Particle effects: Water, Smoke + misc

So today I've been working hard on getting smoke and water working:

The Water and Smoke

(Smoke looks awesome when moving)

There are also these that I found (they may only be on 2011). There files already in maya and make an excellent explosion and fire. I thought maybe the explosion for when the meteor hits the dumpster, and the flames could maybe be used on the city during the shots to show damage. Only still images from the animation at the moment because my render is giving me an error, but I'll fix that.

Tank and Jeep Adjustments

Adjustments made to the Jeep and Tank texture in light of comments. I removed the black and changed it to shades of green to keep with the syle:

I would normally render out using the mental ray lighting, but that was making it super bright, so I threw a spotlight in there.

BattleField Adjustments

Adjustments I made to the battlefield in light of some comments:

I made it look more cracked and like a dryed up area outside of the city.

Toymaker Can Dance Now

To my own biggest surprise I finished skinning and rigging our character. All is set and working, so far to my knowledge, without any glitches. I might still edit skin weighting..
Next step - blend shapes for his facial animation.

I think it would be very useful if you all suggest what kind of expressions he'd need..
But as I ran through the storyboards, it seems we see his face and reactions only two brief times ( when he turns back to the sound of alarm, and when he looks at the toy before throwing it out)

Blueprint Textures

Hey guys! Here's the blueprint textures I amde, I decided to make two, to add more depth to the pile they roll out on, making the scene itself seem more 'operational' and less random. I used a genric picture of an aerial view of a city, and eddited it using find edges 'such a great way to make an outline' and dirtied up the texture to make it seem more frantic and used, with coffee stains etc...and the same goes for the toy/alien, just adding text to make it seem more millitary like, as well as using the designs we'd see in the actual trailer, not giving to much away, common sense stuff :)

I'll whip up a texture for the billboard now :)