Friday, 12 November 2010

River work (Water Test)

Today I've been looking into how water works in maya and combining some nodes to create a water effect. This doesn't have to be super detailed as we don't have a close up of the river but it is a prominent part of the factory scene so it needs to look right.


  1. This is awesome Earl! I am impressed :) i know we can count on you to make this factory seen look awesome.. good stuffs!

  2. I think the water should be somewhat transparent and there should be some refraction as well. Not much but some!

    If you can do that, be sure to let me know how to do it as well! ;)

  3. :D
    COol stuff :)
    by the way , we have a close up :)
    when the alien steps towards the river as if planning to go to city. ALso can you research the possibilities of animating the water, as it has to splash towards alien's leg.

    I second Ethan, It's good we can count on you to do the work :)

  4. Oh yeah, I forgot about that scene :) I'll see what I can I do about the splashing but it's going to be hard. I'll research...