Thursday, 11 November 2010

Production Checklist...

Here's the list of objectives we should aim to complete by the end of our 10th week:

- Teaser Trailers.
- Toyland logo scene.
- Establishing Shot Scene.
- Production Line Scenes.
- Discarded Toy Scenes.
- Meteorite Scenes.
- Toy Glowing Scenes.
- Foot steps towards city scene.
- Newspaper Scene.
- Corridor Scene.
- Eye Closeup Scene.
- Closeup Alien's feet walking Scene.
- The scale of mostrosity scene.
- General Chest scene.
- Military Base scene.
- Army men shadows scene.
- Search light scene.
- Tank Scenes.
- Rushing car scene.
- Stepping out car scene.
- Unwrapping plan/map scene.
- Creator confronts creation scene.
- Monster puddle refection ending scene.

If there's anything i've missed from the list, please let me know...

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