Thursday, 11 November 2010

Post for Bob...

Jolanta and i were discussing our progress on the group project during Alan's lesson today and we have both agreed that we need to pick up the pace as a group again. We are aware that character design and postmodernism are vastly approaching their deadline days and we feel that this is hindering the development of the production stage. Therefore we ask that from tomorrow onwards you do at least one post per day so we can push on, it doesn't how much or little you've done, we just want to see a maintained progression. We also ask that in two weeks time you have the environments and majority of the scenes built in maya with textures and lighting all ready for animating and rendering.

A quick breakdown then:

- Post at least one thing per day starting tomorrow.
- Have fully textured and lit scenes ready for animation by friday 26th November.

Keep up the good work and let's really push on now...

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