Sunday, 28 November 2010

Note to Group Members

So, gentlemen, I'd like to apologize. I won’t be able to participate in group meeting tomorrow or on Tuesday. Both of those days I’ll be with university in Manchester.

But I have some good news as well 
I half modeled the head and soon will go into texturing and rigging lands with our main character.

Other thing I wanted to write is now is the time to have something completed: finished props ( fully and awesomely textured, tidy presented in importable files so that other could work with it ect.) Don’t forget, animating will also take lots of time.

I can’t stress well enough how it is important for all of us to post whatever progress is there ( most preferably each of us put some time for the project every day so the progress would be constant and confident) . Let’s forget our preferable working methods for the group’s sake…

So to quickly summarize:

 Ethan is responsible for production line set, fully modeled, textured and rigged leg, minor props.

Bob has to present army man’s chest (modeled, textured), military base set, textured Toyland sign few other minor props.

Earl has Toyland set which as well ( apart from the backdrop I’ll be giving) should now shine in colours and bumps, seculars ect.,  trash can with the content ( trashes) inside modeled textured.
Textured vehicles , and background car modeled and textured.

I am responsible for city set being fully textured, main character’s texturing, binding, rigging, posters

Please now concentrate  on these things, go talk to Alan, Simon, Phil, whoever who could help to make these things happen.

I’ll be back Wednesday, and hope to see you all for discussion.

Please respond to this post for all of us to know you’ve read it.