Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Jeep Progress

After taking responsibility for the jeep, I decided to crack on this afternoon. Its at its basic form at the moment. It needs some tweaking and details and then the jeep can be ticked off.

Time to carry on with it then...


  1. I'd still ad some more details , just to trick the eye this is a real deal , ALso, Earl, time for texturing I believe :) lets see some proper materials and colours
    Keep it up :)

  2. Yeah, there will be more detail :) and I want to get the modelling done before I do the texturing. So I don't spread my self too thin

  3. cool :) I respect your methods :)

  4. Yes Earl! now that's what i'm talking about, so pleased i gave this one to you cos i don't think mine would have looked this good! :)

  5. You've got something weird going on in the wheels. Giving it some weird shading problems it seems.

    As per ; Wires please.