Thursday, 18 November 2010

Finished Jeep model

And here is the finished Jeep model. This was an arkward one because a military Jeep is a very basic vechicle, so I essentially had to add detail to make it look good even though there isn't notmally:

And just for you Jon:

And here is our happy army family:


  1. I think this is very satisfying :) suits our style, enough detail. that great so far, can't wait to get the full impression with textures on! ((:D

  2. Oh yeah, texturing coming soon...

  3. Hey Earl, this looks really nice! a grwat improvemne ton your previous post, althougbfrom you wireframe image is that a 6 sided shape i see? i think theres alot of edges/detailing you can afford to lose.

  4. Yeah, I see your point Rich. There are edges I can get rid off and will soon. They really stand out when I look back onto the wireframe image. I'll give it a fix up :)

  5. Cool i dont think it will cause you any problems in the future, but just for good measure and a clean mesh i think it will help out alot, looks also maybe the wheels could be more curved on the x axis, other than tht it looks pretty darn nice, especialy next to your tank.

  6. Old Vosper-Carey swoops in and says pretty much what I was going to say!

    He's right in what he's said though, there's a bit of cleanup to be done on the jeep. As a general rule of thumb when modelling;
    Every single Vert should be contributing something to the overall shape. If you can remove the vert/edge and the shape is still the same, you do not need it.