Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Creating Impression of Scale,

It might not look like that, but I've work up to .. 8 hours with only details and street layout. Still think lots should be added... also,  maybe the situation would change for the better  when we add  posters, textures and those ideas we had yesterday for cafes, film titles ext.

As we agreed, It's best to upload the picture that''s being referenced, so all of us could suggest more informed thoughts


  1. I think its looking great so far, and your right, the textures will bring it to life.

    Also, I plan to have Street lights in the Factory Scene on the road leading up, so could you export the street light in this scene and put it in the Temp folder? That way the lights all look the same as opposed to being vastly different even though there in the same city :)

  2. yeap, certainly.
    Also if you need I'll give the fire hydrene, some road signs, street indicators ect, traffic lights if you need them :) these are the details I'm working at the moment.

    Also if you do caligari's cafe sign, super 8 symbol ANd gave it to me , that would be awesome :)