Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Character modeling progress 3

On with the head now... tough...


  1. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_yTVGNhZ85Hs/TOOrUmeoCgI/AAAAAAAACVg/euINv0QjbWM/s1600/jola_redline.jpg

    This might help.

    1 - You have a 6 edge pole right in the crotch. This will give some pretty bad deformation when rigged and skinned because both legs will be fighting over that one vert, along with the stomach. I've done a quick drawing of how to break that up. Try and keep 5/6 edge poles (where 5 or 6 edges meet at one vert) to places where deformation is at a minimum.

    2 & 4 - There's too many loops in these deformation spots. Either 3 loops, or a setup like I drew would work fine. The way I've drawn it is that there's a single loop on the inside of the arm, so there's not three edges collapsing on themselves when the arms bent. That single loop breaks out into there loops on the outside, so when it's bent theres 3 loops to be used in the blendshapes to keep the shape. Also, try to keep all faces at an equal size, and not too rectangular. It will help for texturing and skinning/deformation etc.

    3 - I know these are deformation places, but too many loops can be just as bad as too little. Especially in skinning and blendshaping. Oh, also, fill in the ends of the sleeves and stuff too.

    5 - Your feet are kind of turned in, almost baby like. Perhaps this is a characteristic of your character. Eg your character might have a back problem and so needs to be hunched over. It is important that you do not have these kind of physical characteristics in the TPose. Or you will get bad rigging problems. For example, if you have an arched back in your Tpose and rig it. When you come to animate, any arching in the animation on the back, will add on top of the one you had already. This becomes even more important if you use things like MoCap; Think a person arching their back 30 degrees, and you already having a 30 degree arch in your model. A 60 degree arch in your animation will look weird.

    Hope that makes sense & Helps.

  2. Thanks Jon. I did follow Alan's way of modeling ( counted the edges in our cartoon character model we did following his videos) so I'm quite confused about that issue. But other stuff really needs refinement ( ading loops to the wrist are, feet positioning ect. )
    Thanks alot :)

  3. I now did pretty much al the changes, thanks again!

  4. Nice one, get an update posted! :)