Monday, 15 November 2010

Character modeling progress 2

Hope I can say this is going well.. So far I was very careful and tried to think about tidy geometry all the time. I believe there wouldn't be a single triangle or an n-gon. . But if anyone sees any mistakes, please please inform, because I wouldn't hesitate changing it now. Most definitely I wouldn't want to find myself fighting mistakes in upcoming processes


  1. No mistakes are sticking out to me. And this looks amazing!

  2. Thnaks Earl! :) Reallt apreciate it from you , since you're experiencing some heavy modelling aswell :)

    By the way, hope you're nice and well again and hopefully we'll see you tomorrow morning? :)

  3. Yeah I'll be there nice and early :) I'll be doing the jeep at uni tomorrow so that should be fun...