Monday, 29 November 2010

The Battlefield Texture

Tonight I have been looking at what texture to use for the battlefield featured in our trailer. This is the texture I decided to go with after cleaning it up.

Are we happy with this texture? I just need to remove some sticks on the image and match it to the field model. TO PHOTOSHOP!!

In related 'Void Canvas' news, I spent all last night and plan to spend tonight making the 50s car, so I'll post my progress tonight. I hope you guys will like it...


  1. nice man.....might be nice to get some different tints of colour in there but like where it's goin man :)

  2. yeah Ok, any ideas what colours?

  3. greenish, muddy browns with greys . just variations really. Also, make shure to light the scene beautifully :)