Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Finished 50s Car model

I've finally finished the car. I'm happy that I finally got it done, and am so happy that it looks good (I hope).

And the Wireframe:

Because its such a curvy shape, a lot of the verts and edges held the shape together. The window has also been smoothed.

On another note, its looking unlikely I'll be able to fight my way in tommorow, so if any of you manage to get in (respect to you) just keep me updated on the blog or email me. Of course, it really depends on the conditions tomorrow, but I don't see this snow stopping or if it does, the ice thawing...

How is everyone else getting on with the project?

1950s Car (small) update

Still forging ahead with the car. Its actually quite relaxing sitting next to a humming computer while the snow continues to pile up outside (seeing me this week is looking slim guys, stupid island).

Anyway, onto the positives! This morning, the wheels, bumper and some grill detail. As foolish as this sounds, I'm hoping to finish the car today so expect to see an update, with wireframes tonight.

Monday, 29 November 2010

1950s Car Progress

I've spent all last night and all tonight working on the car, that I have struggled on, but I percervered through the troubling start and have now created the body of the car:

I haven't posted the wireframes because, frankly, its a mess at the moment. I now want to focus on finshing this bane of my life but I'm proud of myself for pushing through :)

So things to add:
Wheels (duh)
Details (All over)
The front grill needs a good looking too

Now to go watch the snow falling outside... I do love snow...

The Battlefield Texture

Tonight I have been looking at what texture to use for the battlefield featured in our trailer. This is the texture I decided to go with after cleaning it up.

Are we happy with this texture? I just need to remove some sticks on the image and match it to the field model. TO PHOTOSHOP!!

In related 'Void Canvas' news, I spent all last night and plan to spend tonight making the 50s car, so I'll post my progress tonight. I hope you guys will like it...

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Note to Group Members

So, gentlemen, I'd like to apologize. I won’t be able to participate in group meeting tomorrow or on Tuesday. Both of those days I’ll be with university in Manchester.

But I have some good news as well 
I half modeled the head and soon will go into texturing and rigging lands with our main character.

Other thing I wanted to write is now is the time to have something completed: finished props ( fully and awesomely textured, tidy presented in importable files so that other could work with it ect.) Don’t forget, animating will also take lots of time.

I can’t stress well enough how it is important for all of us to post whatever progress is there ( most preferably each of us put some time for the project every day so the progress would be constant and confident) . Let’s forget our preferable working methods for the group’s sake…

So to quickly summarize:

 Ethan is responsible for production line set, fully modeled, textured and rigged leg, minor props.

Bob has to present army man’s chest (modeled, textured), military base set, textured Toyland sign few other minor props.

Earl has Toyland set which as well ( apart from the backdrop I’ll be giving) should now shine in colours and bumps, seculars ect.,  trash can with the content ( trashes) inside modeled textured.
Textured vehicles , and background car modeled and textured.

I am responsible for city set being fully textured, main character’s texturing, binding, rigging, posters

Please now concentrate  on these things, go talk to Alan, Simon, Phil, whoever who could help to make these things happen.

I’ll be back Wednesday, and hope to see you all for discussion.

Please respond to this post for all of us to know you’ve read it.

Corridor Scene...

I'm currently working on animating the lights flickering in maya, i think i should be able to get this completed today, if my computer doesn't crash every time i try to batch render like it just has done. Keep an eye out for some progress shots...

Meeting Times...

Now that the character design unit is over, i think we should all meet as much as possible in the base room. Im not able to meet up tomorrow, but as of tuesday, i will be in the base room religiously as we have a lot of free periods to do so. This also means that we need to get back to a post per day and should really begin to start animating our scenes asap. We need to organise our work on the shared space in the base room to make sure everything is easily accessed and somebody should be nominated to control the editing process to take control of the final exported scenes and the overall trailer. As of tomorrow a post per day will be a necessity to maintain and keep an eye on our progress. Now's the time to really push on guys and get this thing going.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Finished Jeep model

And here is the finished Jeep model. This was an arkward one because a military Jeep is a very basic vechicle, so I essentially had to add detail to make it look good even though there isn't notmally:

And just for you Jon:

And here is our happy army family:

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Jeep Progress

After taking responsibility for the jeep, I decided to crack on this afternoon. Its at its basic form at the moment. It needs some tweaking and details and then the jeep can be ticked off.

Time to carry on with it then...

City Texturing update

Now on to texturing the specialised purpose buildings, street and add lots of posters, bits and bobs

Opening Maya 2011 in Maya 2010

Today I realised that I created all of the group Maya work in Maya 2011. This orignally worried me but there is a way to open it. So for those that don't know:

1. Go to 'Open' like you normally would

2. Click on 'Options' and tick 'Ignore Version'

3. Open it as normal
Of course this only applies if your not using 2011 but now there shouldn't be a software block without losing anything (I hope) All the ones I tested opened normally.

Character modeling progress 3

On with the head now... tough...

Monday, 15 November 2010

Alien Leg Render thus far...

Here is a couple of renders of the leg model so far. Changes will be made and details will be added, but it's nice to have some renders at this point...

Alien Leg Continued...

Character modeling progress 2

Hope I can say this is going well.. So far I was very careful and tried to think about tidy geometry all the time. I believe there wouldn't be a single triangle or an n-gon. . But if anyone sees any mistakes, please please inform, because I wouldn't hesitate changing it now. Most definitely I wouldn't want to find myself fighting mistakes in upcoming processes

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Note to Studio Members

In the next few days when comming to group's meeting please bring work files to store them on the base folder containing all the studio work. It's this time now we start sharing each others working files.

A reminder: Those who can, meet tomorrow at University to disscuss/continue working on project

Character modeling progress

Inspired by Ethan's example I too decided to crack on with character's modeling. So far I have only the jacket. Already, some changes from original design had to be made. Like Alan said, we have to interpret 2d when modeling. Well, my hopes are I'll finish this character by the end of this week and it will be ready for me to go into rigging wonderlands...

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Some more Water

RealFlow is hard... so I took other Ethan's advice and returned to playing around on Maya, which may not look as good but gets results. As for the foot scene, I think we may need to take our Ethan's advice and cheat it. Maybe if we have some form of cliff over the water that the alien steps onto. That way we can see the river but don't need to create any water simulations with the waves crashing...

I've been trying to find a good tutorial for Maya rivers but can't find any...

Now to make it move realisticly.

Alien Leg Thus Far...

Water research

I've been looking into water in games and animation, as well as simlatuted water in movies like 2012 and Avater. The general consensus is that water is hard, often using techniques to mask it. It slightly worries me when studios like Naughty Dog (Uncharted) and Blizzard (StarCraft 2) have to cheat it. For example check out 17 seconds on...

It just fills from the botton as a solid shape. Not filling as liquid would.
Having said that though, I have found a Maya plugin called RealFlow. It is also a standalone product that can have its animations exported to Maya. Here is what it claims:

RealFlow, with sister product the RealFlow RenderKit, is a unique fluids and body dynamics software package which allows you to simulate anything from a single drop of water to a massive tsunami crashing across a beach, sweeping debris in its wake.

RealFlow remains the definitive tool for the creation of flawlessly realistic simulations, and has been used to produce some of the most ground-breaking visual effects ever seen, in movies like “Avatar”, “District 9”, “2012”, “GI Joe”, and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, as well as commercials, TV programs, and game cinematics.

I haven't downloaded it so I haven't tried it out to see how difficult or not it is but I'll look at this to see if I can make awesome water.

Friday, 12 November 2010

River work (Water Test)

Today I've been looking into how water works in maya and combining some nodes to create a water effect. This doesn't have to be super detailed as we don't have a close up of the river but it is a prominent part of the factory scene so it needs to look right.

Marching Army Men Scene Thus Far...

Here's the marching army scene so far, it still needs some work in terms of lighting, texturing and animation...

Textured planes for City set

To create impression of vast spacialcity environment our group agreed to use matt paintings. Also, to reach a better effect we're using parallel planes so if there's  a camera movement it looked more natural.

This is the sheet showing how the  composition is worked out. 

The first layer suggests more details, yeat not more than the actual modeled set

the second layer was drawn as it it  descends into environment's fog.