Monday, 11 October 2010

Void Canvas Logo Final Ident (Minus any final touchs)

Here is the Final Ident (Minus any finishing touchs) in all its glory.

I adjusted the start slightly but now its finally ready...

I'll also upload it MediaFire when its done so we can all have it.


  1. Hey Earl - and still you could tighten the gap between the two drops; no sooner has the first bounced up, then release the second - we're not talking much here, but it does need to go faster - also, get some sound going on here too...

  2. I agree. And today we've discussed that the first plane ( the brown one) should have a straight line conecting the right upper nd lower corners ( no its just to edgy) And it's totaly fine, we know it wasn't clear from logo design, since we don't see the exact shape of the brown plain