Sunday, 3 October 2010

Void Canvas Ident(s)

OK guys, I've got a choice of three for you (I'm also open for suggestions) but first heres my thoughts:
The Idents I've created all have one thing in commen: there simple. An Ident is never over the top and super complex so I kept it simple and clean because its sole purpose is to show who made it. I also figured that I would go for a slow Ident instead of super quick movement and cuts. Its a flowing motion.

Here we go:

Ident 1:

I thought I would use the dots as a lead into the 'reveal'. Clean and simple, its an animated Ident that shows who we are. 

Ident 2:

Same as the first except I did a little something with the 'V' just to add a bit of movement.

Ident 3:

I tried to start with the canvas this time and moved out from there, but still keeping it simple and straight forward and it essence of what our logo is.


  1. Just my input :

    Ident 1 works the best for me. Feels slick and professional. Number two feels quite amateur, and number 3 works, but not as well as 1.

    Something that niggles me personally, and it might not be for others, is that Void and Canvas aren't inline, so maybe try and make sure they are on the same level as each other?

    But definately digging #1 man.

  2. Jon, your input is always valued.
    To be honest I do prefer 1 but we'll see what the team has to say.
    As for the words lining up, I personally didn't notice it but the 3D was made straight from the logo, so that's the way it's meant it to :)
    I'll have a look at the logo again just in case...

  3. See I think i prefer the third one personally, maybe we can both have a brainstorm tommorow about it?

  4. Ahhh Bob, thrown a wrench into the works ;). No can do tomorrow but how about Tuesday lunchtime? I'll try and come up with a mixture of the two...

  5. gah...well i think we should all really sit down and talk bout the idea's for it, see i thought we were going to modelt it in maya, and animate? we can try and do tuesday I guess?

  6. It is all in Maya. I wanted to make sure that the final image is the same as the logo, so I modelled it exactly the same. We'll discuss it Tuesday