Saturday, 9 October 2010

Void Canvas Ident V2

Here we are again.
I've changed the Ident based on Jolantas and Bobs Comments so that includes:

Redoing the Back Canvas Model
Refining all Models
Tweaking the Bounce
Adding a Light (choice on that...)
Speeding up the begining
Overlapping animation
Changing the Background
Added Ball Bounce (Needs Refinement)

I've uploaded two Idents for you to see and choice which one goes forward and refined based on your comments.

This one uses a spotlight to create shadows:

This second one doesn't use a light, therefore no shadow:

So fire your feedback into the comment section and I'll get back to it with any improvments you have...


  1. Overall, very nice!

    My only complaint is that the first two blocks that fall, fall one at a time. I don't think you should wait for them to finish bouncing.

    Instead, let them fall one after thee other at about the same speed as everything else. Otherwise, (to me that is) it is slighlty irritating... waiting for it to finish bouncing.

    Other than that, the rest of it looks really good and the colour scheme works well!

  2. AHHHHHYHH EARL MY got it goin goooood!!! im so pleased :) I think atm, I prefer the second one tbh, I think now, we should proabbly talk about the finishing touches when we're altogether?

  3. No problem Bob. Glad you like it. I'm going to overlap the start and upload that then it's all ready for the finishing touches :)

  4. I'm blown away Earl, you really did the changes and added your own bit of twist, you're awesom!!

  5. Ethan's right - the pauses after the drops seem unnecessary - keep everything in perpetual motion for a very high-energy feel - very promising, however - bodes well! :-)