Thursday, 7 October 2010

Void Canvas Ident Part 1

Here is the Ident at the moment. It's called part 1 because the next step I want to follow through is a curved white background and some lighting on the Void Canvas causing shadows over the background. Then I'll carry it onto the next stages, such as After Effects. Maybe some screen shake for the Bolt impacts, if we are going to use loud noises like Ethan suggested?

I thought I would let you see the progress:


  1. This is nice, it's a bit too slow at the beginning, so maybe speed that up? The words are still wonky ;]

  2. LOL bob does want to change the words.

  3. See, this is why I uploaded it :)
    I can take feedback and change it. What does Bob want to change?

  4. I agree with jon,
    1.the beginning could be tiny bit faster,
    2.words could start falling into place while the planes are bouncing ( to creeate an overlap of animation)
    3. maybe tweak the bouncing a litl.

    4. I'm thingking what if we aded a light as it sort of is a rotating and sometimes flashes the logo (this could work as the subtle details we were talking about :) )

    5. Bevel all the edges and smooth the planes, they're looking to edgy atm.

    6. use a gradient background of white and subtle creem white .

    These are all my own notices and opinion.
    It may look like a nonsence to be so fusy about only an ident, but this litle bit will be played more than anything we'll make in this project, so it has to be perfect :D :D

  5. yes earl! im liking it....only criticism is a think the balls at the end of studio should bounce in like we mentioned, and also that brown part could me made straghter? other than that, great start from where we can work off :)

  6. Hey guys, I completely agree with the back canvas. That was done when I wasn't sure if we would see the back. And the balls are being worked on as we speak. And, Jolanta your not being fussy, I'm using your list as checklist :) I agree that we have to get this right.