Thursday, 14 October 2010

Void Canvas Ident Final...

Here we go then. After more changes then I can count, the Ident is ready! It has come along way since the first draft I put together. Here is the Final Change Log:

Back Panel designed as closely as possible to me and Bobs discussion
First Panel bounce tweaked after a comment from Alan
Curved round the edges

I felt it was really important to keep the final shot of the Ident the exact same as the 'Paper' Logo, so I created an animated Ident from it that has finished looking like this:

The Back Panel has been tweaked as much as possible to what me and Bob talked about. Any further changes would change the logo. For example, changing the position of the lines would cause them to show in places where they shouldn't, like the 'CANVAS' indent on the top panel. I think it still looks good and it fits the final Logo look. you'll be able to see this better when comparing it with the previous back panel. I also curved the edges to round them out some more. The bounce was also tweaked to ease the movement on the first panel.

Here is the MediaFire link for you guys to all have one:

And I'll also upload it to the system for you guys...

Now its down to sound design to finally finish it :)
Time to do the Pre-vis...

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