Sunday, 3 October 2010

Void Canvas Ident (Cont)

Here is another Ident I concocted after posting the others earlier. I've created a sort of mixture between Ident 1 and Ident 3 after Bob and Jon showed interest in them. Its mainly Ident 3 but with the dot movement of Ident 1.

Also here is some production shots just to show how it's put together:

So there the four I've done so far. I've tried to create a simple ident that sticks to a slow and flowing kind of approach like painting (linking to the canvas name). But despite it being simple, it showcases who we are. My personal favourite is Ident 1.

If your not a fan of any of these then we could have a Ident meeting on Tuesday lunchtime to brainstorm some other ideas?

Let me know...

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