Monday, 4 October 2010

Voice Script (First Draft)

Okay, so after researching through a load of 1950's Trailers, I was picking them apart by narration, and seeing what kind of words the Voice Over used to describe the film.

After doing this, I had a list of descriptive words, as well as ones that I thought of, that linked to the simmilar style. I decided to apply these to describing our story, I realise this mite be a bit long winded, but the more we have the more we can pick and choose. So here's the rough draft so far....


On a night like any other,
In a city, famous for it's prestigous toy factoy
The people sleep peacfully, pateintly awaiting the release of Toylands most ambitous product yet.

Their unsuspecting eyes about to bear witness to a force no-man has encountered.

Suddenly, Terror unfolds,
As the enitre population spirals into panic and chaos.
Gripped with fear, the people flee the city in horror.
Destruction, as the comsic abomination sends shockwaves through the streets.

Inferior, the military are cast aside like ants,
Desperate, and on the edge of despair
Crisis, causes world-wide panic and instability
In feeble attempts to retaliate to this indestructable force

Accused on wrongfull accounts of terrorism,
Held in captivity by the military
Only one person who knows truth behind this disater
A man who dares to defy the shell of his creation...
And the the force that resides within...

The Attack Of 50ft Alien From Toyland!

Okay, so, thoughts anyone?

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