Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Tank Layout

First of all, I want to say congrats to all of us. I think our pitch went really so now we move on.

I've been looking up some 50s tank designs at the moment. I wanted to see if your happy with the way they look and to see how we could maybe modify them to fit them into our style.
Are we happy with this being our primary tank (chosen based on our research)?

(This is a M46 Patton)


  1. oh wooow! :D this is looking fun! . Are these tanks from 50's 60's times? cause it looks to modern..

    Also.. I start thinking, if we need to simplify it just by a bit

  2. but like, not to much,I think the machines are the details which make playful design look serious, as I was saying today, so In myy opinion it would bring lots of weight if we keep the esigns fairly complex. just getting rid of the extra bits

  3. Its definatly from the 50s. I think the pictures just make it really complicated looking. I'll take it into photoshop and remove some the unneeded things. No worrys