Friday, 22 October 2010

Tagline, Teaser Trailer and New Poster Ideas...

I was on the train to Farnham yesterday and i had a few ideas worth considering. The first being a tagline (other than it's coming) for the new posters we will produce. I thought something along the lines of PLAYTIME IS OVER! would be quite interesting, what do you guys think?

Also, I ad another idea for a teaser trailer, which follows similar conventions to the corridoor idea. Basically, we have the slow zooming shot of the abandoned toy with the sad music and add a sublimal cut of the alien at the end...

Finally, a possible poster idea was a black background with a toy in the centre (possibly a teddy bear) with a green glowslightly catching the side of the toy, we could then include the tagline playtime is over, creating further dilemma and curiousity over what the actual alien is...

Let me know what you guys think, just a few suggestions, i'm also working on some drawings for the cute toy at the moment.


  1. Some very nice ideas. The teaser trailer and poster sounds great, I especially like the idea of not using our toy, but a Teddy bear for example. That way the teaser posters don't give to much away. I like 'playtime is over' but only if it's subtle. If it's too bombastic then in goes in the over the top action genre IMO. But at the bottom of a poster 'playtime is over...' could be REALLY effective. The audience would think 'wait, this poster makes it seem like a toy movie but playtime is over? What's going on here then?' BOOM. There interested. We also have the colours and other posters to say that we have aliens involved in a subtle way.

    All in all. Good job :) and this is just my thoughts.

    Also, post 100 people!

  2. first two ideas - just great, brilliant :) We'll definetly make this happen. Also, I made a video of the making of concept art fully; with ident, music in the bacground ect. and prepared all the preproduction material to be uploaded, so I guess soon, our sites will be crowded :)

  3. I like 'Playime is over' too! Nice and ominous.