Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Style Reference Images Continued...

After liking the style of Salesman Pete, i've found some similar styles and a few more different styles. In paricular the like Samurai Jack images which Jolanta recommended because of their very pleasing visual style.


  1. just a thought, seeing as we have influences, maybe we should have 50's building/modern-day building references? could be good when it comes to being accurate, and having concepts?

  2. good idea, i'll bam that on my to do list, i'll put them into another influence map, one for 50s and one for modern day builings

  3. nah man, i'm sure you'll be able to out then in the same one, just list it as archieture, so we can see it all at once, and come up with some fluent inbetween styles :) saves time to:)