Sunday, 3 October 2010

Studio Finance and Costings...

Alan has totalled our costings based on a 15 week production run and here are the results, i've also included the other studios as a comparison...

Commercial Licenses for key software packages:
Adobe Photoshop CS5: £640
Adobe After Effects: £979
Adobe Premiere: £760
Autodesk Maya (Student Version) £150
Autodesk Maya (Commercial Upgrade) £1500

Total: £4029

Void Canvas

Staff: £10052.95
Software: £4029
Total: £14081.95

Comparison List:
Kled Studios: £15578.25
Gremlin Box: £14089.00
Void Canvas: £14081.95
B3D Studios: £13677.75
Inspire Studios: £12564.00
Lucid Studios: £11236.50
Creature Studios (3 Members): £9288.50

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