Monday, 25 October 2010

Roughing in The City Scene

This is the beginning stage of city scene. I roughed out the shapes sticking to the concept as much as I can, still making adjustments for it to work in 3 dimensional space. Already investigated angles from which different shots could be taken (for the footprint shot; for the creator meets creation shot ect. Now it’s only detailing and detailing till it reaches the desired appearance. 
I encourage other group members to upload their work progress even if its just a little more than cubes in the scene :D  but its good for us to share thoughts as we did this till today so successfully.


  1. Really good stuff Jolanta, this scene is right up your street :) keep up the good work... i'm just about to start the corridor scene, sorry its a little late, i was trying to get some more character design stuff done...