Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Readjusted Meteor

Here is the brand new Meteor (using stupid, hard to program particle effects). The changes include:

Paling the colour of the glow so its not super bright green
Making the tail longer for added effect
Making a visible object at the end so you can see 'something' slightly
Modified the flight path so its more like a meteor
Kept it to Jolantas picture as much as possible.
Has a light streak through the middle for alien goodness

On a side note, have we maybe underestimated the model workload. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to work my fingers to the bone so there done by Monday, but is just one week to short to get all this done to a high standard?

Anyway, on to the Tank :)


  1. Feels a bit too dreamy and light for a meteor. Should feel heavy, solid, scary. Shorten the tail perhaps, give it a bit of an orange tint, make it move in a more straight line to give it the feel of weight.

  2. looks wikid man!!! im not sure wether it is becuase this is an example of what you've done, but have to agree with jon there, looks great, but almost wondeful lol.

  3. this is the colour we thought of :) this is the kind of glow :)
    im sure these were the tests only and animation would be different.

    Also you are right, tanks and other models don't have to be finished by this week :)
    and the scene, we just one to have a solid matter, but not finished in no ways :)

  4. Yep, only the tests here. I have this swaying, straight path just to test the particle effects. I'm going to apply Jons comments to it tomorrow during lunch :)

    And you just saved me a load of worry about the models :) I was aiming for 100% completion. I was worried I would let you guys down by not having them all finished :)

  5. I think maybe an orange/blue tint on the end wouldn't go a miss though? so it feels like it's 'burning' through he atmosphere?

  6. Yes, as Bob said, fair enough that you decided on green. But when you burn through the atmosphere, orange/red/purple is what is generated in the tail as it penetrates the atmosphere. It depends what you're going for here, but if you want a touch of realism I'd try and generate a bit of those colours in the tail. Not only that, it will make it more interesting to look at it, as i'm assuming that it will be the center piece of its scene.

  7. my point about the colour would be this; in general, the world of your city has a strong green colour value; how then, if the meteor is green (and therefore already feels part of this colour value) how can you convey its 'other-worldly' aspect? Personally, I think Jon has a point - it's not simply an issue of using orange/purple/red for realism's sake - but rather using a different colour value by which to characterise difference - red is green's complementary colour - think about it. A strong art directed decision here could really lend 'muscularity' to the design of your trailer...

  8. Phil has a way with words that I don't. Ultimately; what he said. ;]

  9. Yeah, Phil has a way of doing that :)