Friday, 15 October 2010

Pre-Vis Part 1

This is the pre-vis Part 1 compiled into one video and also available to download them seperatly through MediaFire.
I have left it open if we decide to change it dependent on Phils comment so just say any changes needed.

Full Video:

MediaFire Parts + Full Video:


  1. YES! im liking it earl, really good stuff, cheers for getting that done it really helps us out :) they should fit in nicely with the stuff ive done for pre-vis too :)

  2. I see this, and I'm even more convinced that the inter-cut of the meteor just DOESN'T work; it breaks up what is an essentially linear preface - but why? I don't think you want to confuse your audience here - you need that linear storytelling to set up the 'WTF" of the meteor - this feels a little bit like you're showing your hand of cards too soon!

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  4. I agree with Phil. Yesterday I was working on tis idea and it really looks like if we introduce the meteorite like planed we'll fail to get the message of abandoned toy across clearly.

  5. Ethan, just shout what other scenes you need doing.
    JJ, I agree with you and Phil, especially after doing this. If we want to change it I can easily redo this pre-vis to fit in with our new opening :)