Thursday, 14 October 2010

Post for Earl

Hey, sad we didn't get to see you today as we all had a meeting and this is the only day you're in :/
We've discussed our progress on animatic and pre-viz. Now we just need to know what is the situation with pre-viz scenes you're doing. If you could give us a thorough description of what you have so far and how things are going to be done ,. or most preferably if you could upload a video of all pre-viz scenes, we could give you some feedback.
We'll be waiting for your response :)


  1. Hey JJ. sorry I couldn't be in today as I'm really not feeling well. Don't worry this won't affect any work. I've done a few Pre-viz animations so far. As I discussed with Ethan yesterday, I am going to do the scenes upto the foot scene that overlooks the city. I be using the script and animatic as a reference point to the Pre-viz. The models in maya will be simple but detailed enough to know what they are.
    And I will definatly be uploading the videos to the blog as there done. Thats not a problem.

    Again, sorry for not being able to be there.

  2. Earl, when are we going to get these pre-viz scenes because i thought you were gonna have them done by today, and seen as youre not here fridays or mondays, we need to know how youre going to get these scenes to us?

  3. Hey Ethan, I've done alot of the scenes but have had a minor setback. its back on track now. I'll upload the videos to the Blog and also post MediaFire links for you to download the videos directly :)