Monday, 25 October 2010

Modelling Scenes...

Please refer to the script to identify the scenes you are responsible for, and try to replicate the shots envisaged in Jolanta's panels. Communication will be essential so try to be in the baseroom as often as possible. Also, each person will be responsible for researching additional objects for their scene ie. i will look at adding a plant to the corridor scene. Significant details for each scene can be found in the key Jolanta has produced in the new version of the script referring to how important lighting, texturing, animation etc is in each scene. We have agreed that the modelling for the sets MUST be done by the end of this week, with basic textures to use as templates...


- Box goes to waist disposal.
- Waist disposal is covered by heavy light.
- SMASH!!!


- Production line.
- Corridor shot.
- Army men surround the giant.
- Search light.
- Rushing car.
- Also, model the military car (Jeep).


- Introducing Toyland. Factory logo.
- News! City is in terror.
- Military steps in.
- Military base.
- There's a plan!


- Establishing shot. The factory and the city panorama.
- Tanks surround the giant.
- Tanks aim up.
- Also, we would like you to model the tank and the civilian car (the Buick).

I look forward to seeing the models next Monday :) Keep up the good work guys...

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