Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Film to Reference : The day The Earth Stood Still (1951)

It has everything we're looking for: 
the scientist-like hero
military's s role and depiction in the film
How the soundtrack is used
animation of tanks/vehicles ect.
Camera moves

I think this film could help us  keep a unified direction of our trailer. Of course we're introducing  some modern elements, as the  film The Day Earth Stood Still  (Derricson, Scott; 2008) did. 

So, some notes on the film ,  we could try to "recreate".

Particularly noticeable was the use of eerie soundtrack. These metallic, abstract sounds, in my opinion really succeed to set up the bizarre, confusing and uncanny feel of the scenes/ trailer. The more indefinable the sound is the better it does its job.

The Depiction of Military
I took a note of how the military was portrayed in the film. Stereotypically macho. Action goes before notion. ( in the very first scenes soldier shoots the alien when he intends to hand over a gift to state’s president)

 By showing the tanks and military cars rushing here and there, lots of army men, a suitably frowned and uniformed stubborn general such idea of army role was represented
Just lots of action, movement, rushing and lots of relevant elements (tanks/guns/army men/ bombing sounds) to emphasize blunt force.

But really, there's so much more there.
I would suggest this could be our key if we had any questions about whatever : what details in the background to include, what's the type of lighting we're using ect.
Like John Lasseter said, whenever he  (and the whole production team) is  short on inspiration, they simply watch Miyazaki's films, and the answer is just there!  So I think if one of the best animation studios in the world uses this method, why shouldn't we ? :)

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  1. When I was watching this, I felt like it was a contempry B movie. A B movie premise that had the money and the talent behind it to make it more 'high class'. It's a great referencing point for our trailer/film :)