Saturday, 16 October 2010

Film Title Layout Development

Hey guys, so I went ahead and used the serious styled font. Here's just some different types of variation for the actual layout of the words, I feel each one tell a different tone for our film, especially since we've excluded ourself's from cheese.

Just some quick feedback wold be great!

In regards with the colour etc, I'll be sticking with the blue/green colour pallete, as well as keeping the design itself simple enough for animation purposes in production. :)


  1. all look good. I would go for the one which have fromt toyland in the middle and is slightly in perspective

  2. Yeah I agree with JJ. It just looks better with the words slightly 'distorted'.

  3. ok, so the one with 'all' the distortion yes?

  4. Not sure about this - in so much as the seriousness is at odds with the actual content of your title (toyland) etc. To move away from this, consider marketing your film in the way that Aliens vs Predator etc. is marketed AVP:R (Aliens vs Predator Requiem);


    Okay - so 'not' this, but is there a way you can turn an abbreviation into some marketing magic?

    Or - you might want to make the word 'ATTACK' the primary word, with the rest of the title subordinate to it? It's a tough one this...

  5. ahhhh damn, I didnt actually see this before making it.....good idea though! Perhaps in a it would definitly work in Viral Campaigns, to build up hype....

    Just quickly though....did anyone notice the typo on 50ft lol!

  6. oh yeah - some tutor I am! Ha ha