Sunday, 31 October 2010

Factory Set

Here is the Factory as it stands now. I've changed it slightly to more fit in with our theme (slightly slanting) with a placeholder matte backdrop. Now I need to add the details in. These will include a loading bay, a road to the factory and a carpark. I have also started to look at the water effects needed:


  1. Hey, :) Great to see you've started with the factory :) SO far it looks lot like the one in pre-viz, I hope you have some reference pictures to see what details, litle things can be aded so we'd have these things to which contrast the factory body looks MASSIVE and like a real building. Cause atm it might remind a toy factory itself.

    I see and appreciate you are following our storyboards ect, but all of us agreed, we still have to make personal judgements on what else to include to improve our sets, props ect.

    It turned out here a novel, but I only because I know you can't come today and discuss it with us :)

    Let me know your thoughts :)

  2. Oh yeah I agree. I do have referencing shots, I can post them later. And like I said I don't have the details on there yet (a road leading up, a loading bay) but there coming up soon :)