Friday, 1 October 2010

Editing Techniques... Trailer Comparisons...

The Day The Earth Stood Still:

In the modern trailer for the 2008 rendition of The Day the Earth Stood Still, cutting is done using cross dissolves which also dip to black before the next piece of footage. Whereas in the trailer for the 1951 rendition of the same film, there is a lot of sharp cuts and any transitions between shots are done with various wipe/slide effects, but there are no cross dissolves in this trailer at all.

King Kong:

similar to The Day The Earth Stood Still, the first trailer shows more of an epic style of editing with a combination of quick cuts and cross dissolves which dip to black. In the 1933 rendition we can see that the editing is much choppier and sharp, with cheesy effects used as tranisitons from shot to shot.


Here's another example which further proves the differences in editing styles between the 1950s and the modern remakes.

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