Monday, 18 October 2010

Christmas and 60's Christmas song

What about this one?

Especially the ending of it.


  1. Okay...firstly, the songs great, and I think 'IF' we are/were doing a christmas set film, this would be brilliant.

    Im sorry if this comes across as rude however, but I agree with phil about not rushing the set-up, we need to make the begining alot longer.

    In regards to the christmas theme, I'm jot really feeling that atm, plus it changes the tonality of what we had in mind quite a bit, and it seems for the last couple of weeks that all we've been doin is changing it to how other's think it'll suit, even if the advice clash's...

    I'm sorry again if this sounds rude, but i really think we should at least have a chat together before we start running down a different path...

  2. yeah Bob, that's the point, it is rushed, we're definetly changing it :) so I don't mind talking tomorrow and discussing what the changes will be :)

  3. oh dear - look, the 'Christmas thing' is more about a juxtaposition of moods - by that, I simply mean that your beginning needs to be full of pathos as the audience is absolutely made to identify with the toy - so we feel sorry for it and its situation. The Christmas thing associates with toys, childhood, innocence and longing - a Christmas setting is always good for making people worry about outcasts/outsiders. If you can generate all of this without adding this new xmas flavour (and I think you can just by taking things slower and figuring out that the audience must be MADE to identify with the abandoned toy), then do it.

  4. meanwhile, Bob has a point - which is don't audience-test an idea into mediocrity (too many cooks spoiling the broth) - but, what your audience response is telling you I think is the same thing; they're making the same point, which is this: the beginning needs revision. And, as JJ pointed out, this is the point of an animatic - to move the project onwards even if it means going back to the drawing board for a bit. There's a fine line, Bob, between being protective of a good idea and being obstinate. I'm more than sure that Void Canvas will negotiate this situation with professionalism and good humour! :-)