Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Character Design Development

Okay, here is all the development I spent on the 'Toymaker' Character, sorry it's been delayed and didnt make it to the pitch, a series of unfortunate events occured, but.....the score now takes a
Bob -1 Technology -0 :)

Character Colour Head Turn-arounds

Colour Development

Final Toymaker Character

I really wanted to try a different approach to artistic style when it came to designing the Toymaker, hence the exaggeration of the squared off facial, and body features. When it came to colouring, I tried to adopt a more 'painterly apporach also, (somthing I've struggled to acheive up until now) with harsher strokes, at the same time trying to make a middle ground between mine and Yola's style...

Any comments/tips would really be appreciated :)


  1. I actually really like it as it is. But when we see him in the factory ,no matter how brief, we need to make sure the audience knows it is the same man. I think thats an easy thing to achieve, especially with the added scenes we mentioned today, such as the holding the box whilst looking at it with love and adoration. All in all, good job beating that technology down :)

  2. Also, its going to look awesome with that long coat blowing in the wind as he looks up at the monster in one of the final scenes

  3. Oh.. ok my comment went to span I guess.... :/
    I was saying, the design looks really nice here :) Also I was thinking if we need a quick line drawing ( only for modeling purposes) of the scientist without the coat? doesn't have to be perfect, just indicating shapes , geometry