Monday, 25 October 2010

Baby Dinosaur

This is what we've started thinking together for the new toy design. At first we've decided to go with a "two leged" creature-toy. Likewise in the beginning, we've  referenced Godzilla , using Ethans interpretation  of the well known designs  and final rendering anf proportion correction by me we came up with this design for our "First time ever, fully mechanized toy! " But still cute with baby-like inosence


  1. So - a homage to Godzilla it is then? So, what does it look like post-alien possession, I wonder?

  2. Bob's creating and "adult" toy after alien invades and changes it compeletely. The plan is to keep the continuity in desing , but add lots more rough texturing, glowing horns, mean shapes ect.
    even the eyes - still orangy, but now shifted from cute to dangerous.
    if that's what you were asking :)