Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Attack of the 50ft Alien from Toyland! Coming Soon...


  1. Oh wow, some strong composition, It still need some detail.. you know, add void canvas logo, add uca logo,
    dates of presiumed release, crew names , or you know anything that a film poster in a professional worl has, like those you've checked out today .

    And a vinjette :D

    but this is starting to looks REALLY awesom!

  2. I like the ripped effect, and the slimy writing. I also like the minimum amount of writing used...I reckon the bottom part reminds me of like a city, like Gotham city, might wanna make the slime, more slimy. The 50FT part looks like it says SOFT, unless it's a soft toy! ohhh shiiiii... Other than that, nice poster Ethan, I look forward to watching Ninja Warrior with you tomorrow morning.

  3. ahh man, it's pretty sick.....just out of curiosity though, will it fit in with our serious tone? I like the slime part by the way, not to soft around the edges...and agreed with bo, it does look like cities, maybe it would be good to exaggerate this slightly more? Oh, and in regards to the 50/soft, perhaps just make the 50 just bigger?


  4. Personally, i find this composition a bit placed and static - and I think Bob has a point about the 'tone' of the poster - also, if this is a viral 'tease' poster, then why give the entire title here? Is not more in keeping to keep it enigmatic at this stage; many teaser trailers make more of the date of release than they do of the precise content; don't underestimate the power of a date; for instance 'On October 14th it arrives'. I can't help feeling - as your trailer and whole campaign is going to be built around DENYING the audience's desire to see the creature (and therefore creating anticipation) - that your teaser stuff should similarly be based around the mystery of the creature; how can you show it without showing it? How can you get people talking about 'the thing'? I encourage you to strip out the title and go for some kind of proper tease...

  5. yeah, I see what your sayin there Phil, less is more in other words. I think we'll have to have a chat tmz bout some idea's! but good start man!