Monday, 18 October 2010

Animatic with Sound

After having searched for the right sounds  the whole of Friday , and put them  all together the whole of today, here is what we still call a rough plan of the soundtrack. 

Immediately its clear, the beginning has to be longer, for each scene to justify itself. At the moment , my personal opinion is, we failed to emphasize the abandoned toy topic or even clearly express what's happening in the factory. But this was the job of animatic - we now understand what's working what's not.

Any comments are highly welcome.


  1. Well I liked the trailer a lot, but yes, the toy aspect wasn't as clear as it needs to be.

    The only other thing that I can criticise is how modern the style of trailer it is. I don't know whether thats a problem or not.

    I know I would want to watch it at the cinema if I saw this trailer, so in that respect, its doing its job! :)

  2. Thanks Ethan, your feedback is always very critical and logical, just the kinf of we need :)

  3. Hey Void Canvas,

    There you have it - you need to relax into your opening scene; you need to create pathos and let your audience sink into the world of your story - before you smack them on the head with that meteor. I know I've suggested this before, but everything about this opening sequence screams 'CHRISTMAS MOVIE!!!!'. The abandoned toy at Christmas, the audience goes 'ahhh', you have a christmas tune on the trailer - something a bit sad sounding - you have snow on the ground etc... I just think you could shape and manipulate the audience more luxuriously; the arrival of the meteor (which is a genre-swapping device) needs to feel much more 'WTF?' It knocks everything on its arse - and suddenly its a monster flick! Don't rush your set-up...

  4. Needs more Inception soundtrack. That's right, I noticed.

    Awesome job though, I'm interested to see how it turns out.

  5. As nice as the christmas idea is i think this also works well, but if you do stick with this idea then i think you should slow down the opening scenes by possibly using the sound which you have used when we see the lonely disgarded toy. I think that would work well to set a slow pace, then all hell breaks loose as the meteor strikes.