Thursday, 14 October 2010

Animatic ( no sound)

Rough sketch out of the idea for the trailer. It shows the dominant sequence of scenes and the pacing, main effects and some of the approaches of editing.
Soon we'll upload a more finessed animatic with sound, this one is just for us to watch and get some ideas
for the soundtrack.

Group members and those who care, please leave your suggestions , since tomorrow we'll be working on it first thing in the morning.


  1. Hey Void Canvas,

    Sorry if this comes too late, but I'd suggest you lose that first cut to the meteor; it's confusing. Remember, at this stage in your trailer it needn't (perhaps shouldn't) be clear what 'kind' of film this is going to be (the title isn't given). This is a GOOD thing. As I suggested before, let your audience believe they are watching a film about an abandoned toy - build the sympathy and pathos as the toy is discarded and left in the alleyway; here, even the music could be manipulating the audience into feeling sorry for the abandoned toy; only then, when you've put the toy in the crate in the alleyway - only then - pan away from the crate, up to the clear night sky, and then in one lovely long, unbroken take, have a strange glimmer in the sky grow brighter, brighter, BRIGHTER and then WHAM! Suddenly, we're in a different genre altogether and your audience is hooked!

  2. okay, so maybe drag out the begining part some more with the shots of the toy...and ditched the meteor cut when it's still in the factory? but after it's landed in the bin, cut to the sky...and build the momentum then?

  3. Yes, we still have the abandoned toy theme running, though it's not as clear at this stage. And the intercut between meteortie and production line was to create confusion,as if - yeah, we're watching a sad story about the lonely toy, and what's that meteorite doing? And advice given by Alan.
    SO honestly we're confused here :D

  4. ah - the joy of feedback! :-) Don't be confused - be certain of your story, but do try and be your own audience...

  5. finally I'd suggest that the 'right' arrangement of these shots can be sorted via pre-viz - cut the shots together in both combinations and see which sequencing is the most effective. Don't worry about it, try it out.