Tuesday, 12 October 2010

3VI Post: Very, very very Important Post!!

So this is the Script so far, soon there will be even more specific details as we go into production and divide all the scenes and shots we need to make between ourselves. 

I know I wont be there tomorrow, but! 


Start doing pre-viz, And I promise, I'll finish the animatic, concept art and character design as well. 
Talk to Alan what's expected from us: should the pre-viz show completely all the scenes we have so far or just the key ones, ect. So by doing this you'll cut some work to yourselves. 

I'd suggest to give more scenes to Earl, since Bob is busy with toymakers character design and Ethan with product promotion and viral marketing.

But guys, this has to be done by Monday (!), all the image sequences ready to be stitched together,   since Monday we have Colin White, supposedly Tuesday we'll work on soundtrack and final editing and Wednesday is our Pitch!  
So: I’m leaving you with the script. Please find it in the previous post. 
 ANd tomorow all of you devide scenes between each other and really... start working on them asap.

Sorry if it looks like a bossy tone here :/ but its not :)

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  1. My advice is make a 3D Previs for all the scenes if you can. Making a solid previs will cut your production time down at any rate. Once you have the previs nailed, and the concept art and design nailed, production is streamlined. Good luck guys. Loving the bossy tone here Jola.