Sunday, 31 October 2010

Current state of Buick Car

This is hard. I didn't think I would find the car this hard to make, it actully makes me grateful its only in a scene or two. The current car is nothing to write home about but its slowly getting there. Here are the basic roof and doors:

Factory Set

Here is the Factory as it stands now. I've changed it slightly to more fit in with our theme (slightly slanting) with a placeholder matte backdrop. Now I need to add the details in. These will include a loading bay, a road to the factory and a carpark. I have also started to look at the water effects needed:

Tank Progress

Here is the current Tank. Now all its lacking is the finer details on the model side of things which I'm doing this week (Probably Tuesday afternoon). I'm also changing the height of the top compartment.

Newer Meteor

So this has come a long way since first being a baby sphere on the PC. After taking comments from Phil, Jon and of course, the Void Canvas team this is what I have produced:

Its a compromise with the the team and Phil/Jon. The colours have changed to oppose out colour scheme and look yet still has a green glow at the front. I've also made a smaller object visible at the base to emphasise 'something' is coming down to Earth.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Site Improvements

For our visitors and our own comfort, void canvas studio decided to make some additional adjustments regarding the structure of the site.  We've included additional pages of Preproduction and Production materials (and soon we'll also have postproduction page as well),also influence page (this is particularly for our own convenience) 

Other than that you can now find the members of the studio with links to their original sites and links where our studio can be followed. 

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Renewed Field

And here is the new Battlefield.

Smoothed out the middle for the tank placement.
Put a green gradient on the background as a placeholder for the Matte painting.
Added a low light for effect:

And the tanks that accompany it are coming soon
Earls Tank Adventures, To Be Continued...

Newer Meteorite

I think the changes speak for themselves really... but:

I've changed the meteorite in accordence to the comments from Jon, Phil and Bob.
I've put the front glow on a seperate object so its easy to turn it off when it enters the atmosphere for the full green glow.

I personally, am really happy with this :)

City Modeling Progress

So the details of the buidlings are put in (some of the buildings will have painted windows with bump maps on).
There's the environment and its details left to model. I layed out UV's as I modeled, so everything is set for texturing aswell.

Battle field update

I also worked on the field today, adding in some more hills and contours. I also rendered in Mental Ray just to see what it looked like (It looked like a desert :\).

Mental Ray (with indirect sun):

Tank Tread test

This is in NO way what the treads will look like but I wanted to test there positions and movements.

I was going to adjust the meteor again but I made it in 2011 and Uni is 2010, so that will be done tonight.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Corridor Scene Lighting Test...

The top image shows the scene with the ceiling lights on and every bit of light source that would be in the room, the second image shows the room without the ceiling lights on but with a couple of ambient lights to light the room a little...

Corridor Scene Development With Basic Colours...

Just an update with how far I am on the corridor scene. I was physically drained by modelling with the grey lamberts so I had to take time out to bring some colour to the image. This will also allow me to go in and add textures later on after i'm happy with the modelling...

Readjusted Meteor

Here is the brand new Meteor (using stupid, hard to program particle effects). The changes include:

Paling the colour of the glow so its not super bright green
Making the tail longer for added effect
Making a visible object at the end so you can see 'something' slightly
Modified the flight path so its more like a meteor
Kept it to Jolantas picture as much as possible.
Has a light streak through the middle for alien goodness

On a side note, have we maybe underestimated the model workload. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to work my fingers to the bone so there done by Monday, but is just one week to short to get all this done to a high standard?

Anyway, on to the Tank :)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Meteor Fly

Here is the Meteor model. Don't worry about the flight path, that was to test it.

Field Status Update

Heres some improvements over the hill/field area:

Now to try out the Meteor before I return to this.

Field Status

Here is the progress of the field scene, that will feature the tanks. I'll match the texture colours to Jolantas Backdrop so theres no strange colour jar.

Corridor Scene Thus Far...

Monday, 25 October 2010

Car modeling Status

Not alot to report right now. Tonight I've put a little geometry test together to see the basic shape of the car in Maya and how I'm going to model it.

Obviously it, at the moment, looks terrible. But now I take to the proper model stage, doing it quarter by quarter to produce the finished car.

Baby Dinosaur

This is what we've started thinking together for the new toy design. At first we've decided to go with a "two leged" creature-toy. Likewise in the beginning, we've  referenced Godzilla , using Ethans interpretation  of the well known designs  and final rendering anf proportion correction by me we came up with this design for our "First time ever, fully mechanized toy! " But still cute with baby-like inosence

Roughing in The City Scene

This is the beginning stage of city scene. I roughed out the shapes sticking to the concept as much as I can, still making adjustments for it to work in 3 dimensional space. Already investigated angles from which different shots could be taken (for the footprint shot; for the creator meets creation shot ect. Now it’s only detailing and detailing till it reaches the desired appearance. 
I encourage other group members to upload their work progress even if its just a little more than cubes in the scene :D  but its good for us to share thoughts as we did this till today so successfully.

Alien Toy Drawing...

Here is the drawing as requested...