Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Ties I had with our Movie title

(I posted this on Monday over on my blog but here it is again)

When I first learnt of our Title, a few movies and images came to mind. These encompass a wide range of genres and ages. Here is a few of them:

Attack of... and 50 Foot

The phrase 'Attack' of' instantly made me think of the 'Godzilla' series created by the Toho Company over in Japan. 'Attack' is obviously on a much smaller scale then 'Invasion' so an attack on, say, a city could be well suited. Godzilla is also a towering being overlooking the city he strides through swiping skyscapers away so 50 ft applies here too.

Maybe its because Halo Reach came out last week and its on my mind, but with the mention of Aliens, came the covenant from the Halo Series. An alien race hellbent on the destruction of the human race. But then the next topic changed that...

From Toy Land:

Alien + Toy... who doesn't think of the Toy Story aliens. While clearly looking like aliens, they still retain the look of a toy. This is attributed to the way they move more then anything I believe.

As I said before, these were just the first, split second images that popped into my head when we recieved our title. These could be used as initial references for our project or not. Simply my first thoughts.

I think the image of Godzilla is really strong when compared with our 'Attack' part. For example, the large toy alien trampling through a city. Also the toy has to really look like a toy, say made out of rubber or Plastic.


  1. I definetly agree we should take some quaslitys those of godzilla trailer. especially the emphasiz of it being all-wreaking and a fearfull ( but in a way clumsy ) creature.

    What others thing about the use of text ? ( "Dynamic violence!" :D )

    Also what music would you all think could work with our trailer. I think it's a good idea to researche it in the very early stages, cause it's umbelievable how it helps to further construct an animation/trailer and really speeds up the process

  2. I'll find some examples of the music we can use and the text is exactly like that! Overselling the product by making it seem like the best movie the audience will EVER see.