Monday, 27 September 2010

Thumbnail Storyboard , Part 2

SO this is what we have in mind so far. Its now clear it wont be enough... :/ But so far we covered the essence of the animation: what environments we need, objects, characters ect. It’s now only to make few shots for each panel in the second sheet (the one which has a speedy editing we were talking about) Well, this is the subject to discuss Wednesday guess :)


  1. Storyboards are looking lovely Jola & the Void Canvas guys, eager to see how this pans out animation wise.

    Thanks for the comment too btw Jola! :D

  2. My god Jolanta, these are bloody fantastic. If these don't get people excited for our project, then what the hell will?

  3. You guys need to annotate your storyboards - You may be familiar with the story/concept but the reader won't be. Check out the ones on the wall in the studio.