Thursday, 23 September 2010

Pre-Production Schedule Template...

Here is the Pre-production schedule template i put together on Excel. As you can see it is only a template and therefore we will need to fill it in either handwritten or typed. I've used a colour coded key as an example of showing who's responsible for each role on the schedule and ive included three different sections to write under for each week. These sections can be changed and more can be added if you feel necessary so give me your suggestions and opinions and i can make the necessay changes...


  1. ahhh man, yellow's terrible lol....maybe take the brightness down on that key chart....burns the eyes hahah...

  2. yeah, the colours werent really significant, i was just getting a template together for keeping time management and project management up-to-date...

  3. “Attack of the 50 foot Alien(s) from Toyland”

    Reading through your posts I like your emphasis on finding an ending to you narrative and working backwards. I also think way you've embraced the project management is great to. Keep that stuff up - all good.

    The images you've posted present several suggestions about what the story and key scenes might be (Army etc). It would be great for you all to find clip examples of these scenes and edit them together as a bit of previs. A kind of mock trailer turned sketch made out of existing movies.

    However, you're missing a world to apply all that logic too. One of the key elements in your title is 'Toyland'. And yes this does make you head towards Toy Story. This isn't a bad thing - Think toy shop, factory, childs room as a version of a townscape (some clever). Your narrative can build from there. For example 'an accident in a toy factory' = 50 ft aliens?

    This project doesn't have to be real - Just a great B-Movie riff.

    Regarding the logo's - I like the sci-fi'ness of them. Think about how they may be animated and refined.

  4. *(some clever use of toy elements)

  5. Yeah that was actually exactly where we we're going to go with the whole 'Toy Factory' accident, causing the 50 ft alien...

    I like the idea of splicing different movies together to try and create a pre-vis, sounds really intresting, and could give us a great idea of how to portray the 'Cheese' element that's is so great about B-Movies, as long as it' s not as bad as 'Invader's From Mars' Tank Scene lol

    Thanks for the feed back alan