Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Pre-Production Checklist...

Here is the list of criteria we should aim to complete at the end of the first 5 weeks:

- Studio Name
- Logo
- Ident
- Studio Blog
- Business Cards

- Schedule
- Budget

- Online Marketing Campaign (viral techniques, teaser trailers, and your brand identity)

- Develop a Story
- Script
- Voice Work
- Concept Art
- Character Design
- Research and Development
- Storyboards
- Pre-Viz
- Camera Movement

feel free to add any extra criteria you wish to add to the list, these are jsut the academic requirements...


  1. Ethanm would you mind doing the schedule like the other groups are. As we planed meeting mondays, wednesdaysd and fridays at 1-3p.m. ? When that is constructed we all try and estimate the time we worked on each task and just put the working hours in . And this info will then help to count the budget ect.

  2. ahhh yeah man, maybe use the proper timetable to edit, blocking in colours for arranged meet times, and then create some sort of spreadsheet for the first 5 weeks?

  3. yeah that sounds cool guys, i was gonna do it on the timetable but photoshop isnt working on my laptop at the moment... but i'll probably get those done tomorrow then...

  4. In the meantime, I'll get going on the research for the items. And just to say, I'm more then happy to write up the script, Pre-viz and do the Camera movements along with the research

  5. Earl: well, we don't really need to focus on those area's just yet man....

    Ethan: I'll post the timetable, my photoshops all good, leave it to me :)

  6. ok, ill sort out the spreadsheet for our schedule then and we can fill it in...

  7. sound good man, we can add anything else we need to at the next meeting, just to overview everything and get on track :)

  8. dammit, my breif wont open, I'll sort it tommorow man :)