Monday, 20 September 2010

Our First Post!

Okay, so a little background information from us! We are a group of Four indiviuals, currently entering our 2nd Year of CG Arts & Animation, at the University Of Creative Arts : Rochester, which have been faced with the task to create a short 2 minuite trailer, inpspired by 'B-Movies' for an upcoming retro film, working only from a randomly assigned to title, which was born from a sort of 'out of the hat' selection.

The Theme for our Retro Film is 'The Attack Of The 50ft Alien, From Toyland'

Our team players can be found below,  along with links to their Personal Blogs

Earl Mills:
Ethan Clements :
Jolanta Jasiulionyte :
Bob Sparks :

We will be updating our blog as progress continues!


  1. Damn it Bob, you beat me to it for first post :) We'll have to add Ethan and me to the author list tomorrow so we can start this blog up.

  2. Good start chaps - keep it up! :)

  3. ahhh I'm pretty sure we added ethan, think he needs to accept the invite, though I didn't have your email address? Also, when we get a chance, we'll run you trhough what we had planned for the week x

  4. No problem Bob, We'll all see each other tomorrow so I'll give you my email then.