Monday, 27 September 2010

Meeting Notes (Monday, Week 2)...

- In today's meeting we discussed creating a YouTube channel as a way of kick starting our marketing campaign and uploading our work. Bobby and I set this up and we will later return to re-design the template once we have a fully refined logo to add.
- We also discussed starting our synopsis because we have a story outline to work with. We are fairly pleased with the beginning of our synopsis and Bobby has taking it home with him to further develop tonight.
- Jolanta was working very hard on her digitally painted thumbnail storyboard which she hopes to have finished and uploaded some time today.
- We are all in agreement that the 6th font in Bobby's list for titles is our favourite and Bobby has decided to try out some different colour palettes with the font.
- Whilst doing the tasks we have already agreed to do, Jolanta recommended that we start looking for some styles we would like to incorporate into our B-movie. So we will be doing some research and gathering some reference images for that.

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