Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Logo/Text Development

Okay, I know I should have probably finished this by now, but I can't help but feel there's somthing lacking, and plus, I want us to get it as right as possible.

So I expanded I little on the one we chose, I didnt wnat to make it look too complicated, and also tried to keep to the theme of our name.

I used standard colouring for now, because I wasn't sure what variation to go for.....suggestions?

I used a mixture of the two we thought would probably work best for our title, and added the symbols I made earlier, replacing the letter 'V'. I tried a little variation also....i feel the top one's 'grunge texture' spoils the shape, the bottom has a good mix, just looks slightly blander.

I added the 'Studio' also, and messed around with how we would display it. I think the last could prove to be a good animation, with the 'circles' dropping into the 'Ident' for example.


Obviously the text will be part of the logo also, overlaying, or slotting in, but feedback is needed so I can go ahead!


  1. I don't know what it is but I'm not a big fan of the first one. I think its because of how much is going on.

    I think the third is the strongest, due to the dots. I especially love the V be incorporated like that. It has a strong presence just on its own.

    My favourite for the base is the first. I think because its simple, it allows the attention to be drawn to the written part.

    As for colours, I'm thinking of a subdued blue? We need to a little colour but not so much it gives you head ache. So maybe a subdued blue for the front and maybe a dark brown or black for the the behind.

    Thats my intial thoughts but keep in mind that I'm not the most 'arty' person :)
    Already thinking of ways to animate the Ident...

  2. The first line of the comment from Earl says alot - "I don't know what it is but...". Thats the problem I have with your name/ logo so far. What is a 'Void Canvas'? And your design reflects that indecision (to a certain extent).

    A 'void canvas' (to me) conjures up a rip in an otherwise useable canvas - ie, it becomes void of use. It also has a feel of playfulness (Why did it become void). Think of the Saatchi 'Torn Tony Blair' advert.


    Obviously it doesn't have to be as extreme or carry that kind of message but the idea of removing a strip to reveal your name etc is something you may want to think about. You can still keep the same styling.