Thursday, 23 September 2010

Logo Sketch Work

Another update from me, this time it's the preliminary sketch's I checked over with everyone today, just tided up slightly....

From these, I tried to touch upon the name of our company, focusing mainly on the shape of a 'Canvas' and some of the things we assoicate with them, for example, and easel, or the fixings holding it the same time trying to stay true to the 'Void' element. Although the 'Studio' section of the design isn't as important as our name, there still holds a significance, and I feel, the use of subtle 'lining' on either end, is enough to highlight this point.

Visually however, we agree that the first idea, was the best possible choice, as it is indeed 'A Void Canvas', however there seemed to be a certain element lacking from the equation, somthing quite subtle that would just add more to the desgin, so I began to experiment with Symbols.

The main inpspiration for the symbols, was the number four, somthing that is pretty obvious within each, this is becuase I wanted to reflect the people behind the group, and us coming together, to create.

Although my favourite was the top piece, overall, we choice the...and in conjuction to the design we chose earlier, this would work extreamly well with the text, altering letters, and replacing them with this symbol. Both normal, and flipped...this can act as the letter's V, and A.

Another positive to the use of Sybolism in logo design, is that people will instantly recognise this, over a group of words, at the same time, it allows us, as a Studio, another way of Branding our work.
My next move will be to take the chosen desgins futher, and other more variation, in both colour and compostion, at the same time exploring different font types, that will support our 'Tonality', and design sufficiently.

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  1. There great Bob. Those symbols will really help with our brand identity as there really unique