Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Important Exploitation Moral...

After doing some research into the Sci-fi and Horror B-movies, which were popular genres from the 1950s, it seems that the films have hidden political morals and messages based on cultural observations at the time. I think it would be important to incorporate this into our movie. The idea i had was similar to the storylines we were dicussing earlier but basically, the army could be introduced to the storyline in which they believe the only resort is powerful nuclear weapons, following the mind thoughts and cultural observations of the army and governing bodies around this time, it was a real public concern and scare. But the moral could be introduced by having an ordinary man/woman defeat the alien without the use of mass weaponary. I feel this would represent the cultural observations of the era.


  1. sounds good man, like the depth we're going for here...perhaps the 'alien' could be being 'pursued' by the governments army, amongst other military organisations, or even terrorists?

  2. definetly very good suggestion .. this is the info wich could definetly help construct the story of interesting resolution :]